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Management Consulting
Robert Lynch: Strategy, Change Management, Business Turnaround
Paul Wickman: Finance, Operations, Process
Mica Wilbrink + Warren Sklar: Technology & Innovation

Advertising & Digital
Robert Lynch: Creative Director, Brand Strategy
Mica Wilbrink: Web, eCommerce, Data Visualization, Digital Marketing
Melissa Banks: Digital Marketing, SEO
Dan Sloan: Designer

About Robert
Robert is a business development specialist with 25 years experience in corporate communications, management consulting, and marketing. He has held the positions of Creative Director/Art Director, V.P. Marketing & Sales, Director of Sales for North America, and Management Consultant.

Robert has worked with more than 100 organizations - from startups, emerging companies, and nonprofits, to multinational market leaders including Polo Ralph Lauren, Johnson & Johnson, and SIA Frauenfeld ag (acquired by Bosch).