The creative brain tends to encounter the world in a more raw and direct way; curious, asking questions. The analytical brain processes using symbols and logic; drawing conclusions, creating consensus. Employing the whole brain—balanced and active—is where creative-productivity begins.

There are beneficial traits associated with the creative-productive mind. These include:

  • Imagination

  • Non-linear problem-solving

  • 'Spontaneous' insight into complex issues

  • Curiosity and inquisitive engagement

  • Testing the implausible and nonsensical

  • Divergent thinking

  • Intuitive resolutions

To a surprising extent, for most individuals these traits can be developed. Coaching and workshops, cross functional team building, changes to physical environment, and encouraging risk and new approaches are helpful.

On the organizational level, a more creative-productive company can be a game changer —new synergies emerge, process and strategy improve, and change is more effectively anticipated and managed. Looking at the 'big picture', the opportunities (one could say probabilities) for innovation, growth, and profitability emerge.

In part, this is a process of trial and error. Be open to the possibility that successes might come from unexpected places or in non-traditional ways.

Employing the creative-productive mind in a sustained and purposeful way can be transformational, both personally and organizationally.

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