Whether you’re fine tuning a thriving organization, struggling to be competitive and profitable, or preparing for merger or sale, 85 Days Forward will revitalize your focus and strengthen your core.

85 Days Forward is a comprehensive 12-week deep-dive. With a focus on strategy, teams, brand, processes, and how well everything integrates as a whole, the program engages your organization from multiple perspectives and with a fresh eye.

1. The process begins with an analysis of seven key areas*:

  • Strategy and mission

  • People and leadership

  • Sales, brand, and marketing

  • Finance, operations, and process

  • Markets and competition

  • Customer experience

  • Technology and innovation

2. Three main challenges are identified, with a focus on issues most effecting your value, core strength, and profitability.

3. An action plan is created and changes implemented, taking into account available resources and a least disruptive process.

85 Days Forward will help identify solvable problems and set priorities. This is collaborative process, with input from your management team, employees, customers, and other stakeholders.

Beyond the three priority issues, 85 Days Forward will help focus your organization’s mission, and build camaraderie within your team(s). This is a top down process, immersive, result driven. Everyone has a stake and a say

  • WK 1-3 | EVALUATE the 7 key areas

  • WK 4-5 | IDENTIFY 3 main challenges

  • WK 6-7 | CREATE a plan of action

  • WK 8-11 | IMPLEMENT change

  • WK 12 | LOOK to the future

While some problems can’t be solved in 85 days; the program creates a plan and takes important first steps to move forward in a smart and purposeful way.

Week 12 of the program looks to the future... examining new opportunities for growth. Working with your management team and other key employees, this week-long strategy & planning process builds on what’s been learned and helps set a direction and focus for what comes next. WK 12 works best at an off-site location (hotel, conference center, corporate retreat, etc.). The week includes facilitated meetings, presentations, and group workshops. If ‘off-site’ is not a practical option because of costs or logistics, an on-site alternative can work.

85 Days Forward is for businesses of all sizes and types; from small and emerging companies to large, market leaders. The program can be adopted for divisions or groups within a larger organization.

* The client has the option to exclude specific areas in the evaluation process; but its not recommended.

Program cost is based on the size, complexity, and structure of the organization.

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